About the Filmmakers

John Waters bio imageNarrator

Legendary filmmaker, actor, author, and true crime aficionado, John Waters, is best known for his independent films Hairspray, Polyester Serial Mom, Cry-Baby and Cecil B. Demented. Like the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, John hails from Baltimore, Maryland.

Susan Marks bio imageDirector, Writer, Producer

Susan Marks is a Jerome Grant recipient, award-winning independent documentary filmmaker, and screenwriter. Her first documentary film, The Betty Mystique unearths the secret life of Betty Crocker, as does her companion book, Finding Betty Crocker.

In her feature directorial début, Of Dolls & Murder, Susan explores the tiny world of big time murder through dollhouse crime scenes – the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death.

John Kurtis Dehn bio imageProducer, Editor, Composer

John Kurtis Dehn is an award-winning director, producer and editor of independent films and various media projects for the past 25 years. He is also a musician and composer. John partners with Susan Marks on many productions, including The Betty Mystique and Of Dolls and Murder.

Matt Ehling Dehn bio imageDirector of Photography

Matt Ehling is a prolific, award-winning independent documentary filmmaker based out of Minneapolis and New York. Many of his films are broadcast on PBS and screen at film festivals around the globe. Two of Matt’s more recent films, Urban Warrior and Security and the Constitution have garnered national recognition while sparking dialogue about the complex issues surrounding personal rights and national security.

Carly Zuckweiler bio imageSound Engineer

Carly Zuckweiler is an audio engineer and sound designer.  She has been with HDMG, a video post-production house in Eden Prairie, MN, since 2006. Carly has mixed audio for feature documentaries Green Green WaterThe Red Tail, and Of Dolls and Murder.  She has also been involved in creating various pieces for Motionpoems, a collaborative project bringing together poetry, audio, and video.

Adam Tow bio imageWeb and Poster Designer

Adam Tow is an animator/designer at motion504, a broadcast design and animation studio in Minneapolis, MN. Adam also has experience working in various industries such as virtual reality, medical visualization, and video post-production.